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Brainfarm Group is a business development, advisory, and ancillary services company comprising business engineers and technocrats who have delivered cutting-edge business solutions to our valued clients over the past decade. We take pride in consistently providing unparalleled services to SMEs, CSOs, governments, celebrities, private and public individuals, and organizations.

Our team harnesses the skills and experiences of captains of industry and thought leaders, making us the home to the favorite mentors of your most admired advisors and role models. In addition to our core services, we are supported by several sister companies and subsidiaries, as well as CSOs. Our strength is further enhanced by numerous cross-industry partners, collaborators, and international networks, serving as our secret weapons in addressing a myriad of complex challenges and undertaking herculean tasks and projects.

Our Mission

construction Build a confraternity of excellence, forming an international network of brilliant minds and top troubleshooters.
acute Swiftly address client issues, creating a devoted following committed to the ideals of excellence and high-performance working.
public Establish a global presence in every nation and territory, fostering a community capable of effectively solving diverse problems faced by businesses and humanity.



We not only focus on what we do for you but also on how we do it. At the core of all our decisions and actions lie our guiding principles and corporate philosophy.



We redefine success beyond and above pecuniary values and place it where it truly belongs, in the value and satisfaction that our products and services deliver to our clients. More so, we believe that the best marketing is a satisfied customer.



Integrity is our organizational compass, driving unwavering commitment to honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct. It shapes a culture of trust, accountability, and fairness in all our actions, ensuring a positive impact on our clients.


Cost-Value Leadership

Enhance your savings with smart spending. We stand as the most cost-efficient choice in the cost-value spectrum. Grasping the distinction between sticker price and actual cost is key; for a $15 monthly streaming service, the true cost also includes data fees and overall entertainment worth.


Highly Differentiated

Shunning the futile race for supremacy, we focus on what truly matters: our clients' success. We've embraced collaboration over competition, fostering cross-industry partnerships to create a constructive and thriving environment that benefits all.

Message From the President

- Prince Davidson
At Brainfarm Group, we offer comprehensive business development, advisory, and ancillary services to SMEs, CSOs, governments, private and public individuals, and enterprises across West Africa and beyond. Our dedicated team of Business Engineers is equipped to assist your business at any stage, from idea conception to exit, and with any current objectives, whether focused on growth, mergers, or diversification. We are committed to ensuring your success seamlessly.

For over a decade, our NextGen creative and innovative thought leaders have been actively involved in supporting businesses, forging the "next" in various sectors, and fostering responsible and sustainable growth. Our satisfied clientele spans diverse areas, including corporate strategy, operational excellence, HR, leadership, risk management, media and entertainment, oil and gas, security, tax, legal, and more.

While success may naturally follow our actions, we do not actively pursue being the biggest, best, or most profitable company. Our primary goal is to make every client that engages with us the happiest, most satisfied, and most profitable in their endeavors. We aim for the merits of our outstanding performance to be the cause, not just the effect, of our success.

Furthermore, we reject the notion that the end justifies the means; we believe that the means are just as important as the end. Thus, we prioritize ethical, human, social, and environmental considerations in delivering our services. You can trust us to carefully assess the impacts and consequences of our actions.

As you explore our website, you'll find that we wear many hats and serve diverse needs. Ultimately, we are fixers—Africa's best fixers brought together under one umbrella. Whatever challenges you or your business face, consider us your one-stop shop for solutions.

On behalf of all the partners, I extend a warm welcome. Feel free to browse our website, where you're sure to find something in our rich buffet of products and services that caters to your needs. Don't hesitate to send us a message for inquiries or to engage with any services that interest you.

Yours truly,
Prince Davidson
Are you a creative thinker who can substantiate ideas with quantitative analysis? A self-starter and self-motivated individual who thrives on problem-solving, eschews excuses, and refuses to tolerate limitations? Do you find enthusiasm in tackling "unworkable" assignments because they challenge your imagination? You firmly believe that everything is possible with a decisive mindset. Working in an inspiring team brings out the best in you, and you have a social drive to contribute to building the society of tomorrow. If all of this resonates with you, then you are an ideal fit for what we do at Brainfarm.


At Brainfarm, we illustrate our expertise using two metaphors. First, we liken it to playing a concert, inspired by the fluidity, rhythm, and captivating appeal of music. This metaphor underscores our belief that work should be akin to play—a seamless, organic process where individuals contribute their unique parts to create a harmonious whole, much like an orchestra. The second metaphor positions business as a science and our service as engineering, leading us to proudly call ourselves business engineers. We operate as a business laboratory, employing a cyclical scientific process that involves critical observation, questioning, hypothesis formation, experimentation, data analysis, and conclusion drawing. Our approach is precision-oriented, eliminating errors and unnecessary complexities that burden businesses. The goal is consistent: to deliver remarkable results for those we serve. Tell us about your speciality and aspirations for working with us. Feel free to drop your CV here.

Our Workers

Prince Davidson

President and Group Chairperson

Godspeed Angels


Sammy Longe

Oil and Gas

Mr. Kayode


Mama Cathy

Marriage and Family

Captain Biko

Finance and Risk

Dela Zumani

Business Management

Lawyer James Boakye


Nii Koney

Marketing and PR

Mr. Johnson Olakunmi


Mr. Daniel Adjepong

Lean and Six Sigma