Our Services

I. Business/Management Consultancy

Our business or management consultancy is an integral part of our advisory and implementation services offered to the (senior) management of organizations. The primary objective is to enhance the effectiveness of their business strategy, organizational performance, and operational processes.


Strategy Consulting

This segment focuses on providing strategic and long-term advisory services to the boardroom. It involves a comprehensive analysis of decision-making processes by top executives, emphasizing the broader organizational perspective.

check_small Corporate Strategy
check_small Business Model Transformation
check_small Economic Policy
check_small Mergers & Acquisitions
check_small Organizational Strategy
check_small Functional Strategy
check_small Strategy & Operations
check_small Digital Strategy


Operations Consulting

Concentrating on improving the management of organizations, particularly middle management, this tactical segment plays a crucial role. Recognizing that many issues originate in the middle, it emphasizes the pivotal role middle management plays in transmitting energy to the transactional or customer-facing workforce.

check_small Organizational Operations
check_small Sales & Marketing
check_small Supply Chain
check_small Sourcing & Procurement
check_small Finance
check_small Business Process Management
check_small Research & Development
check_small Outsourcing
check_small Operational Excellence
check_small Risk Management


HR Consulting

Centered around human capital advisory and consulting services, this facet aims to enhance the outcomes of the HR function. From recruitment and training to performance management, employee relations, reward systems, and organizational behavioral science, we provide comprehensive support for optimizing human resources.

check_small Human Capital Strategy
check_small Compensation & Benefits
check_small Organizational Change
check_small HR Function
check_small HR Analytics
check_small Talent Management
check_small HR Technology
check_small Learning and Development

Other Services

II. Business Registration

By the laws of Ghana, all business must be registered in order to operate. We facilitate this process successfully in just a few days.

III. Tax Consultancy

We provide high quality professional services in accounting, audit, tax and advisory services.

IV. Corporate/Talent Performance Management and Scaling

We apply scientific measures to ensure accuracy in performance management processes and help organizations make better decisions to exponentially expand their scale

V. Information Systems

We provide systems to analyze data to produce real-time user-friendly personnel, management and executive information which serves as a visualized decision support system to inform operations and strategy

VI. Marketing Strategies

Having created value. there's need to capture or utilize value. through branding and marketing strategies that speaks the language of the target market. We gather, analyze and design winning market strategies for higher market share

VII. Training and development

We believe that attitude change and performance improvement is intrinsically linked to effective training and retraining of the workforce. We provide on and off the job trainings to do just that. Employees will leave training with sharpened skills, knowledge and new abilities and refreshed motivation to do more

VIII. Strategic Management

We take a helicopter view of the organization to calculate the long-term effects of decisions, while keeping the big picture in mind and envisage the end-game as we plot every step to to achieving a concerted consonance in sustainable success

B. Compliance

We facilitate the acquisition of the relevant requirements from these regulatory bodies: FDA, PPA, EPA, SSNIT, RGD and the GRA